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To make a sale you need a marketing strategy, without a good marketing strategy a business fails. Internet is a great channel for marketing products or services, but it can be challenging channel for growing traffic into your site. 

Our main challenge here at Vibe-Start is reaching enough readers to sustain our business, we are a new website and we want to be driven by quality articles.  We cannot achieve our goal without developing a market strategy which will deliver traffic without burning a lot of cash. Because of cash constrain, we are adopting a symbiotic business relationship with

A symbiotic business relationship is where two businesses benefit by exchanging services, the business agrees on a mutual understanding on services or product exchange. Advantage of symbiotic business relationship is that you are able to try the quality of services or products with burning cash. Usually the cost for a symbiotic business relationship is the opportunity cost of time you spend servicing the other business, in any case if you are not satisfied with the services or products you have the opportunity to discontinue services without burning cash.

Here at Vibe-Startup we are taking the opportunity of highlighting, helps business send website traffic to their site or blogs. By mentioning, in return we will get 10,000 website visitors over a period of 30 days. We are testing the services without paying and we are getting exposure by just mentioning, while at the same time we are providing useful information to business owners and startups on how symbiotic business relationship works.

Specialization is the key for business success. At the beginning the founders tend to be everything in the business, if a business can develop a symbiotic business relation with another business it can outsource some of it works without burning cash. Economist advocates specialization of labor because specialization of labor increases efficiency and productivity.

Web traffic driving is not our specialization; hence we are adopting symbiotic business relationship with attract more readers into our site. We found the deal to be enticing enough to give it a trial.

We are testing as a suitable partner for driving traffic on our site. Growtraffic FAQ page mentions that their services are expensive than other traffic services, because they deliver traffic from real people not proxy or spoofed/fake traffic. A business need customers to succeed, our readers are our customers’ and we need them in order to continue with our operation.

Don’t be fooled by the cost before testing the services from and measuring the cost of services using return on investment ratio.  The ratio is calculated by subtracting cost of investment from the investment gain, the difference is divided by cost of investment. You can use this ration to compare return on investment from other different services.

Cost should not scare your campaign effort, take risk and measure return on investment and make comparison of ROI with your other campaign effort. Revenue is the driving key for measuring campaign effort, if the effort is driving more revenues then campaign effort is successful and a business should continue spending on campaign effort until the optimal point where more spending will not impact revenues or the revenues gained as a result of continues campaign effort is not enough to meet the cost of campaign.    

Here at Vibe-Startup, we will be using the 10,000 web traffic driven for free for mentioning to gauge the quality and make decision on structuring campaign effort and budget for paid services. We are also intending to continue driving free and buying traffic and share our strategy with business and startups on how we are faring. We will be utilizing numbers to measure how our strategy is working.                

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