Focus is the power of succeeding, it is the power of being a master of what you do, and it is the word which turns you from a mediocre to a master of a trade. You can never achieve greatness without focus, to move to the next level you have to stay focused on goal. It is the life call which pulls you to excel and overcome obstacles where others have failed. It is heart or the mind of a warrior to take risk and commit throughout the course of tough times and deliver on a promise. It is the power of changing life and defining the future for others.  To succeed as a startup you have to stay focused on your mission, you have to commit fully to make the idea a reality.

Before thinking about building a startup, you need to access your psychological make up to know whether you are fully focused on your commitment. Once you set idea and emotional engagement to something it becomes part of you, you already set yourself into the pain of frustration as you work through the idea to make it a reality. Startup like love needs patience, temperance and perseverance to make it work. Focusing on what you are doing and staying in the game fine tunes the mind to see the problems and formulate creative solution to deliver the service or products.

Strike out the distractors when working out on your startup. It takes faith and self believe to make your idea a reality.

The big idea can be overwhelming, but break the idea into manageable goals which will help you stay focused and attain a state of mind flow to be born up together with idea and stay in love with your startup throughout the pain staking of building the business. Use the following steps to achieve your goal,

Focus on one thing every day to build your business.   Build your business on stages, everyday have a major goal set.   Solve main problems which have greater impact on startup before moving on to the other issues. Have an aerial perspective of the startup when addressing business issues, the perspective help address

  • Customers’ issues
  • Product and services quality
  • Cash flow management
  • Suppliers and vendors
  • Revenue generating channels
  • Any other major issue affecting the aerial operation of your business

Enjoying what you do is important in achieving a workflow momentum. This requires defining the goals for the work you are doing, developing the skills required to achieve the optimum level and having a focused duration during work process. During the initial stage of starting a startup, it is likely you will experience the frustration as you build your skills to optimum level. It is challenging to build new skills and hassle through the process of bringing the startup into reality, at initial stage the founders of the startup are involved in all phases of the business and at the same time are required to develop the skills needed to make a startup a reality.  Building a startup requires a focused mind and passion for your work.

You can develop techniques for staying focused on your mission by outlining some steps on piece of paper and following on them. This is the first step for engaging yourself in building a focused mind.

  1. Know your mission or reason for the startup. Get excited on your idea and build the discipline of achieving your mission. Writing your mission down will remind you of what you are trying to achieve and will keep you focused and eliminate life distractors.  
  2. The power of vision makes the idea in your mind a reality; you can never achieve the goal without visualizing where you are going.
  3. Use affirmation to firm your success. The language of self-talk is important in achieving your goals. If you a firm yourself to be successful and an entrepreneur then your subliminal mind will belief so and you start creating reality by finding ways to work yourself to the entrepreneurship world.
  4. Have a plan of action. Develop a plan to achieve your goals. No one goes to a battle without a plan, building a startup will be a battle up the hill.
  5. Measure your progress. Have some metrics or date in place to measure your progress. This will help you to make changes and adjust what is not working on your startup journey.
  6. Have a support system in place. Surround yourself with advisors to support you through the journey. Find experienced people and experts in your field who will agree to be your advisors.
  7. Stay focused on few goals at time. Don’t try to achieve everything at once, you will become a mediocre and you will burn yourself throughout the process of building the Startup.
  8. Take action every day. You will not build your Startup within a day; break your task to goals which will add up to building a successful Startup.
  9. Celebrate along the way. Don’t wait to have the whole operation running to celebrate, celebrate yourself and others everyday as you build your Startup.



When you lose sight on your goal that is when things start going wrong. Start your day by decluttering your mind to stay focused on performing, process, present and productivity.  Before starting working on something ask yourself what need to be performed, the process of achieving the optimum work flow, be in the mood of present and don’t worry about the past or the future and stay productive by blocking the distractions. Learn to create focused worked place by cleaning your desk and mastering your technology to help you move efficiently without any distraction.

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