Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn Will Benefit Small Business.

Microsoft move to buy LinkedIn gave a Microsoft a social platform for Microsoft to connect with world of professional; this is a great market channel for Microsoft to add value for millions of professional by connecting its office products with LinkedIn.

Now days we leave in cloud, we operate in cloud and we have come to love cloud. Microsoft has opportunity to integrate its application with LinkedIn and make life easy for ever growing market of freelancers or independent contractors. LinkedIn can be an office on move for millions of independent contractors.
Microsoft office is widely used applications and caters for millions of small business worldwide. The LinkedIn gives the Microsoft the opportunity to add more of its subscribers to office suit, LinkedIn can attract more user depending on the value the Microsoft will be adding on the platform. Microsoft can bring free as well as paid applications and use LinkedIn as the door to gets more subscribers to its services.

We are yet to understand how Microsoft will utilize, but there’s opportunity for Microsoft to integrate with and provide it’s training for its products through Microsoft has great free education resources and this can be an opportunity for Microsoft to add value for LinkedIn users.

Satya Nadella is a visionary who is making Microsoft a cool company and a company to be admired as an innovative company. Microsoft made a great deal acquiring LinkedIn, may be a great deal of its century. Microsoft tapped on social media and does not have to build a platform from scratch; it tapped on quality because LinkedIn is a place for professionals. Strategic move by Microsoft gave the company the type of social media the company needs to move its product across the market.

Facebook, google and Microsoft are now in the social media business. In reality Microsoft is not a competitor because LinkedIn users’ behavior or use differs from other social media. Even though people and organization can have more than 1 social media account, LinkedIn tends to attract professionals and organization decision makers.

As Microsoft and LinkedIn continue to integrate its business, LinkedIn has potential to bring more users into its business by creating value for students to learn Microsoft software’s. Microsoft is a dominant personal software provider for most software’s used in the market.

We intend to see change on how Microsoft operates the cloud based business. Microsoft can use LinkedIn as a platform for bringing its services next to decision makers; it is a marketing platform which can be used to continue pushing on the trend of cloud services and business intelligence tool offered by Microsoft. Microsoft has come from far to gain trend on BI market and LinkedIn will continue offering Microsoft opportunity for continues tapping of the BI market.

The cool thing about Microsoft is the platform for small business and startups. With personal PC and Microsoft software you are ready to run the business. In a competitive world sometimes consumers feels like they are getting burned by big corporations. But capitalism can be a root of good in a society; Microsoft can continue rooting itself as part of doing well by providing great tools for small business.
We advocates Microsoft works as root of good in helping small business access great tools and drive world economy. We hope Microsoft will use LinkedIn to deliver services to millions of small business. LinkedIn can be an active social media for Microsoft to bring small business to its cloud.

Our push is to advocate what is good for startups, small to medium sized business. Big corporations have many options because of their big pockets and have variety of different services providers to select from. Because of Microsoft track on personal computing, Microsoft is the life line for most small business and startups and can use economies of scale to deliver services at affordable prices.


We don’t know what went in the board room and we don’t have inside information on why Microsoft made the decision to acquire LinkedIn. What we can attest to is that Microsoft made a wise business decision and likely a decision which will define the legacy of Satya Nadella, the value of the deals goes beyond $$$ it was great strategic move to acquire LinkedIn. No one know what goes in the mind of the visionary, may be the only person who can explain the move is the Satya himself. The question we are to ask ourselves did any other tech company think of LinkedIn as an asset to be aligned with it or was the move only smart for Microsoft. Now it is a waiting game on how the acquisition will work to benefit the users while creating value for Microsoft.

Acquiring LinkedIn was more of a strategic move rather than a financial based decision. Sometimes strategic create values and places a business in line of potential profits in the future.

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